Zoom Tarot Party

Online tarot parties (Google Meets)

Professional Tarot parties using Google Meets!

Are you looking for party ideas? As more of us are unable to socialise, in these uncertain times, online get-togethers are becoming increasingly popular. Get your friends together for an online party on Google Meets and I will read the cards for you all!

Why a Tarot reader?

There is a huge tarot revival going on right now around the world. Check out the following articles:

BBC News
The Evening Standard

Your online party can be for anything from a birthday party, an anniversary or just a get together with friends and a glass of wine and some nibbles.

  • Having a fun video get together with a few friends?
  • A virtual dinner party?
  • Looking for something different for an online event?
  • Something out of the ordinary?
  • Celebrating a birthday?
  • Just interested in Tarot?
  • Looking for party ideas?

Colin Anthony at your online party will definitely create a talking point and will leave your guests with their own personalised and unpredictable experience. Perfect if you a looking for party ideas.

Online tarot parties add an atmosphere of excitement and mystery for your guests. Everyone loves to hear about themselves, and the experience is something that they will remember and take away for ever, if you are searching for party ideas, online tarot parties are the perfect answer!

My readings are always honest and real, however, in an online party setting, keeping it fun and lighthearted is always the key. I can also perform some intriguing psychic phenomenon along the way, such as mind reading,  pendulum demonstrations and much much more. The readings can be given in an open forum, where everyone watches OR in a separate virtual room/quiet space for a more private atmosphere.

Obviously every party is different and has it’s own set of requirements, therefore I can create bespoke packages if need be. I am sure that together, we can create a wonderful experience for your online tarot party! Use the form below, let’s talk!

Live and interactive

Using the online streaming service Google Meets we can sit and chat and have fun as I conduct your party.

Choose a time that suits you

It couldn't be easier to book an online tarot party! Simply select a day and a time slot (times are displayed in your local time zone). I have even allocated days for overseas clients too!

Face to face

Get your friends together on Google Meets, grab some drinks and nibbles then relax as we all chat face to face and watch your readings unfold together.

How does it work?

It’s easy, I will set up a Google Meets meeting for you OR I can join yours. Invite your friends to the meeting and log on from wherever you are in the world. Once online, everyone can see each other on the screen. I can then conduct the readings from there.

How many people can you read for?

Up to eight people, however, if there are more, time is a consideration. The more people participating will mean shorter readings for each person. I usually calculate the amount of people by the amount of time I am being booked for.

Please fill out the form on this page if you have any questions.

How much does it cost?

Depending how many people are online. The cost usually works out between £20 to £30 per head. The more people at the party the cheaper the readings. I will always agree costs with you upfront, regardless. Readings are usually around twenty minutes per person.

Anything else I should know?

Simply fill out the form on this page and we can discuss your requirements and any ideas you may have to make your online event amazing!

More than eight people? Please fill out the form below and I will give you a cost…
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Recorded readings

Do you want your reading recorded to keep forever?

Or maybe it is difficult to make time for the live online reading. Life gets in the way. Maybe you don’t feel like speaking with anyone via video chat or over the telephone.

This is where this recorded reading add on comes in! 

The reading is filmed on Zoom as I talk through the cards and what they could mean for you personally, without you having to be present at the reading.

Readings are uploaded online to a private and secure server, for you to download, view in private and keep forever.

Please note: This is not a stand alone product. You will need a purchase a live online reading, then simply add this to your cart and I will record your reading for you!