Full year ahead Tarot reading (2021)



Be quick!! Year ahead Tarot readings available now!

It’s back! Each year, I usually schedule ten readings which examine your year ahead. The reading usually takes a good hour to conduct, it takes a lot out of me and leaves me feeling exhausted. Hence the reason why I limit the availability of this reading to ten people only, as it is unfair for those of you booking other types of readings.

My year ahead Tarot reading will involve bringing to light details of events, and situations that could be happening throughout the coming year for you (2021). Together, we will explore your year, month by month, using my custom-designed system, which includes around 24 cards and a heavy dollop of Astrology.

I usually conduct these reading over December and into early January and they always sell out very quickly, in fact, some of my regular clients have already privately pre-booked.

2020 has been a very difficult year for most of us, however the tide is turning. For many people, this year has made us realise that there is more to life than ever before. We are seeing major changes happening in the way people live, work and play. We are seeing politics changing rapidly and people are waking up to the idea that, ‘nothing is what it seems’…. The COVID pandemic has brought with it the greatest spiritual awareness that world has ever known. The world is now a different place.

And guess what? This all coincides with December the 21st 2020.

This date marks the start of the new age of Aquarius. A new era of spiritual awakening, which we will remain in until 2159!

According to the Tarot, 2021 (2+0+2+1 = 5) is the year we’ll be most aligned with the Universal Energies of the Hierophant, the card that represents spiritual teaching.

To me this all means that having a solid spiritual foundation will be more important than ever.