‘One to one’ beginner course in Tarot card reading

This is a private ‘one to one’ beginner course, on Zoom with me. 

Duration? The course will run over six weeks

Lesson times? One hour per week

When? We will agree on a schedule that works for both of us

What will I learn? Each lesson is an hour-long deep dive into the mysteries of the Tarot. I will cover the complex history of the cards and how to unlock their ancient secrets. We will look at different types of decks and how they will either help or hinder you, how Tarot can enlighten you, be your spiritual guide and how to read for other people. I will introduce a new exercise for you to carry out each week that will inspire your creativity. Each lesson builds upon the next to give you a solid foundation to be able to read the cards, with confidence.

Discover the rich symbolism hidden in the cards, ponder over their fascinating numerology and understand the wisdom in the messages that the cards bring forth. You will discover how Tarot exists in everyday life and more importantly how to spot it.

This course is aimed at the complete beginner or someone who may have dabbled in the past and maybe given up. This could also be the perfect Christmas gift for someone.

We live in an age where there are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of books published about Tarot, along with probably even more websites, all of which simply add to the confusion of learning this wonderful art. My aim is to make it an easy and enjoyable learning curve.

How is the course run? I will run each session live on Zoom, where it will be just me (Colin Anthony) and you. You will receive course notes and be encouraged to practice alone or with friends and family.

What will I need? You will need a deck of Rider Waite Tarot cards, a notebook, pen and a willingness to learn and explore.

Where can I get the cards? Amazon or your local book store. These are the cards I recommend


How do I enrol? Simply add to basket, checkout and I will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable schedule.