Relationship Tarot reading online


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All relationships go through hell… Real relationships get through it!

I offer a relationship Tarot reading online, with a range of different spreads that can help you in your personal relationships, especially in the way you are behaving and attitudes that you may not realise you are portraying. Let’s face it, we all have different ways of being when it comes to forming and maintaining relationships – behaviours that are as unique to you as any other aspect of your personality.

I have developed this ‘in-depth’ reading technique in response to the very question, how can I improve or fix a relationship? Whether it’s a partner, friend, relative or even the relationship with yourself. Book a relationship Tarot reading online with me today!

This relationship tarot reading online can help with the following, and much more:

  • Help you understand the building blocks of a healthy relationship
  • Building healthy boundaries
  • Supporting and being supported
  • Advice on long-distance relationships
  • Feeling lonely or neglected in a relationship

Tarot can appear a bit daunting if you have never had a reading before, all those old spooky TV shows and films with the Death card, predicting horrible things. The truth is Tarot isn’t like that at all and if a reader tells you that it is… Then go to another reader because they probably won’t be very good.

I absolutely promise not to scare the pants off of you! You will love the Tarot experience with me. Many people have come to me for advice regarding their relationships with lovers, family, friends and even themselves.

My clients include those who are new to Tarot and those who have been to many other readers… The results have been amazing, just see my reviews on Facebook page and Trustpilot!

I am a professional Tarot card reader with over thirty years of experience. I started my Tarot career back in the ’1990s, (although I had been reading for fun since the mid-’1980s) Tarot cards have helped me throughout my life, through tough times and happy ones. I have been told by many people that I have a psychic gift! It is a gift I have always shared with others, my life purpose. Read my story here.

My relationship tarot reading online is rooted in intuition. Through my interpretations of the Tarot cards, I aim to help my clients figure things out and help them better understand themselves. I can see someone’s whole story in the cards. It’s a gut feeling. Most of my clients come back time and time again.

When we go through distressing times, very often it evokes confusion about how we feel about the situation and what decisions or choices we should make. In such times it can be really helpful and beneficial to receive some clear guidance. Clarity and peace of mind can come when you get in touch with your own intuition. Your intuition is your best friend when it comes to making those difficult choices and decisions.

My clients include celebrities, business gurus and influential people, they keep coming back… So I must be doing something right in my Tarot career!

I would love to read for you, empower you in some way, make a difference in your life.

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