I am available to provide professional tarot readings for all kinds of events! Tarot parties, office parties, team building, corporate events or small private gatherings.
  • Having a nice get together with a few friends?
  • A dinner party?
  • Hen party?
  • Looking for something different for an office party?
  • Something out of the ordinary for a corporate event?
  • Team building exercise?

A Tarot Reader at your gathering will definitely create a talking point!

I will leave your guests with their own personalised and unpredictable experience.

Having a Tarot card reader at your event adds an atmosphere of excitement and mystery. Once word is out that a Tarot reader is present, some guests will be straight to the front of the queue, others need a little convincing. Either way, everyone loves to hear about themselves, and the experience is something that they will remember and take away for ever.

My readings are always honest and real, however, in a party setting, keeping it fun and lighthearted is always the key. I also perform some intriguing psychic phenomenon along the way, such as mind reading,  pendulum demonstrations and much much more. The readings can be given in a separate room/quiet space for a more private atmosphere or I can offer a walk around service, where I mingle with the crowd and give mini readings which are fun and can be hilarious.

Obviously every event is different and has it’s own set of requirements, therefore I create bespoke packages which will be dependent on travel, how many guests will be present, length of time at the event etc. I can offer a flat fee for the entire party and all the readings are included in the price, or a smaller fee and guests pay towards their readings. Either way, I am sure that together, we can create a wonderful experience at your gathering!

How far will you travel?

I offer my services mainly in London and Essex, however, I am not limited to those areas. Obviously travel expenses and hotel fee’s will apply for events further afield… I have even been flown to the USA on a few occasions to provide readings.

What kind of events do you consider?
  • Ladies Nights
  • Hen Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Wedding
  • Halloween
  • Dinner Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Team building days
  • Exhibition stands

The list is endless! Contact me to enquire about your event…

How many people can you read for?

There isn’t a limit, however, time is a consideration. The more people participating will mean shorter readings for each person. I usually calculate the amount of people by the amount of time I am being booked for.

How long can you attend my event?

Simple… My minimum time is three hours, maximum time is a day. Unless you are booking from further afield, in which case, traveling time and overnight stays would need to be considered.

My event is BIG!

If you are hosting a big event, I have a team of trusted readers, psychics and mystery artists available who can add to the fun.

Anything else I should know?

Simply fill out the form on this page and we can discuss your requirements and any ideas you may have to make your event amazing!

Interested in organising a Tarot party or event? Let’s talk and get the ball rolling…
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Recorded readings

Do you want your reading recorded to keep forever?

Or maybe it is difficult to make time for the live online reading. Life gets in the way. Maybe you don’t feel like speaking with anyone via video chat or over the telephone.

This is where this recorded reading add on comes in! 

The reading is filmed on Zoom as I talk through the cards and what they could mean for you personally, without you having to be present at the reading.

Readings are uploaded online to a private and secure server, for you to download, view in private and keep forever.

Please note: This is not a stand alone product. You will need a purchase a live online reading, then simply add this to your cart and I will record your reading for you!